How Can Rodents Affect Your Cooling Systems?

Considering that air conditioning units are one of the most expensive appliances we have in our homes, property owners need to stick to the needed safety precautions because extreme air conditioning issues are commonly due to the carelessness of the users. Though on-time and regular AC repair Atlanta sessions are needed, this alone won’t suffice. Meaning, rather than continually paying for repair services, you must attempt to stop the reasons why your AC fails to work properly. In this article, we will be discussing the impact of rodents on your cooling systems and why we should make sure to keep them at bay.

Detrimental to your health

Studies show that the existence of rodents in your AC unit systems can possibly be detrimental to your health. This is because the atmosphere you have indoors would eventually be polluted with dangerous bacteria that can be found in their bodies. Hence, if you do not want to experience this kind of circumstance, you should attempt to keep them away from your air conditioning systems.

Produces unpleasant odor

Once pests, such as rats or rodents, start to seek shelter in your AC unit, it would only take some time for you to observe an unpleasant odor that comes out of your cooling system unit. Hence, you must not neglect this warning sign of pest infestation since once this problem won’t be fixed right away, it might result in more damage.

Rodents can cover the airflow

As soon as a rodent or a rat reaches the return vents somehow, they begin to obstruct the airflow. If this happens, it only adds unsolicited pressure to your cooling system. Meaning, your AC unit will be forced to work harder, which sometimes leads to total failure.

They could chew up your air conditioner’s underlying wires

One of the more common problems observed because of pests or rodents is that they can disfigure and chew up electrical wirings in your AC units. Without a doubt, this is really a serious issue. Hence, you really have to stop these pests from getting onto your wires, especially the ones linked to your air conditioner. The simplest means of giving a solution to this issue is by concealing the whole wiring. However, you’ll be required to hire a certified electrician to do this for you.

How can you stop future rodent infestation?

As soon as you’ve completed the needed repairs, you should guarantee that those pests won’t ever get the chance to return into your attic. Make sure to regularly clean out your gutters, particularly if you’ve got nut-bearing trees all over your property. Rodents usually tend to accumulate food from such places. Thus, they make their habitat close to a dependable food source.

The next thing to do is to hire a professional technician to check your HVAC systems and ducting. This is to guarantee that there will be no issues in the future. Make sure to get your heating elements checked as well since rodents prefer to keep warm.